Recover files erased from NTFS drives



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FreeRecover is a lost/erased file-recovery program for NTFS drives. It allows you to search for any file that has disappeared from your NTFS drive.

FreeRecover will judge the integrity of the file and even recover its original file path both quickly and easily. Just choose the hard drive or extractable unit where the files were located, and the scan will begin.

The recovery itself is quite easy; once you've found the files, select those that you want to get back and click 'Recover Files'. They will then return to your computer in whatever folder you specified previously. You can even make use of a preview mode to make sure that you're retrieving the correct information.

- Recovers files erased from NTFS drives.
- Generates previews of the eliminated files.
- Estimates the integrity of those files it locates.
- Instant search for erased files.
- Batch recovery to directory.
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